7 day Countdown~Turkey Day Menu

I am a planner. I am. I like a plan. Sometimes I deviate from my plan, but regardless I like having one. Therefore, I am “planning” my menu now so that I can prepare ahead, shop some sales and enjoy the process of cooking the big meal. This year we, I should say I cause all Hubs does is drop the turkey in blazing hot oil, watches it cook and drinks beer, are hosting his parents, his sister and her family and my mother. Possibly my sis & her family as they never know exactly what they are doing until they are in the middle of doing whatever it is they decided to do! So, we are having 6 to 12 for Thanksgiving Lunch! Now, for the big reveal!

Rolls (i cheat, Sister Schuberts can’t be beat!)
and whatever the rest of the family cares to contribue!!
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  1. Velva says:

    Amen to having a plan! Your Thanksgiving menu looks really good. I really like the cranberry salad. I may have to do that one for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing.

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