Christmas Tree Debacle~ Show us Your Life!

One of the first Christmas Traditions that we started when Hubs and I got married was going to the Mountains the day after Thanksgiving to pick out our Christmas Tree. Hub’s family used to have a mountain house that sits directly beside a Aldridge’s Tree Farm and so that is where we have gone for the past 4 yrs. The pic is from last year, due to some unforeseen events yesterday we didn’t get the best pics.

So, our day started out just as always j was up at 6 and ready to go. We headed out and up the mountain early and I suggested to take a “short cut” from Blowing Rock to Banner Elk that shaves off quit a bit of time. We took the same route up last year and little did I know that the insanely curvy & narrow road would make my little guy CAR SICK! Oh yes, vomit everywhere. I thought I was going to vomit! It was 35 degrees with wind that almost blew the door off and here we are on the side of this crazy road with a SCREAMING, half-naked 2 yr old! After cleaning as much up as possible we strapped him back in the now referred to “Bomb-it” seat and began my Google Search for somewhere to buy clothes. No such luck had to take a right on 105 and go all the way back to Boone on BLACK FRIDAY to buy clothes. Old Navy, was insane, really insane. I tried to offer a worker $40 cash for my $25 worth of clothing just to avoid the check out line. Again, no luck! Finally, I turn failure into triumph and headed to an old favorite lunch spot The Red Onion and yep, the pesto-chicken pizza was as yummy as I remembered.

We got to the Fraser Forest and I picked out a tree in record time (it was freezing). The trees were as beautiful as ever and as we were leaving I spotted our tree for next year!

Through all the tears and the cold wind and horrible vomit smell it was still a really nice family day. I think these are the memories that will surly make me laugh out loud!!

Last years tree.


  1. Lorina says:

    Boy, what an adventure! Okay so I can’t even begin to imagine the vomit thing. Ick. I didn’t even attempt Black Friday this year. 🙁

    Hopes this helps, Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  2. Katie says:

    When I started reading your post, it made me a little homesick for the days of my family heading up to mountains to get a tree. I couldn’t help but feel bad for your little man. On more than one occasion in my childhood, I was that vomiting child! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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