I think it was my freshman year in college the 1st time I had a FRIED TURKEY and oh my goodness I fell in love. So much so that when I started hosting Thanksgiving I made the fried turkey part of MY families tradition. My aunt makes her own rub and I have to say it is tasty!

1 box of salt
2 oz (4 TB) of each of the following:
chili powder
crushed red pepper
black pepper
garlic powder

Mix all the above in a gallon ziploc bag & shake well. This will make enough to season 3
10-12lb turkeys.
olive oil
Wash turkey good & pat dry. Coat turkey with oil & rub seasoning into cavity & all over the entire bird. Place in plastic bag (I use a trash bag) marinate in fridge OVERNIGHT!!
Heat oil to 250-275. Cook 5 mins per pound.
Remove from oil & drain and as my Aunt always said “grab your baseball bat to keep your bird from being attacked and eaten immediately! DELICIOUS!!

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