Christmas Meal

I am working on my Meal Plan for the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS which is when we will celebrate with my Memama, Mom, UT, My Sis & her family so that is, let me count… 10!

UT, my uncle ordered a Honey Baked Ham, the best ever in my opinion. Why in the world would you try cooking one when you can order this?
Mema makes oyster stew, not my fav, but it is a contribution.
Mom is making her famous Kentucky Pie and John’s fav Seven Layer Salad.
I was told I must make Sweet Potato Souffle (I neglected to make at Thanksgiving and my name was MUD), Yummy Brussels Sprouts before you say yuck, I promise these are delish! TRY THEM!! My famous Dressing and Cranberry Salad and I can’t forget the turkey!
What are you eating at your house?

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