Cook the Books


is to pick a different cookbook each month
and to try a NEW recipe each week.

I have picked 6 books to get me through the 1st half of the year!! And here they are!

Market to Market is one of my ALL-Time Favorite Cookbooks!
It is sadly no longer in print. It is from the Hickory Service League.
Charleston Receipts Repeats the Charleston, SC Junior League
This is one of the 1st cookbooks I bought myself. I still LOVE it!
This is the First Presbyterian Church Cookbook that yours truly is “featured” in!
This is a NEW book if anyone wants one!!
Pull up a Chair, the Lenoir Service League
another newer book that has some great recipes.

Tampa Treasures, the Tampa Junior League old school fav.
Shared with me in college by one of my dearest friends, Jenn. Thanks lovie!!

Friends, this is the book that started it all! I started cooking a ton when I hit the 7th grade and this was my Mom’s “go-to” cookbook so I started with it! My Aunt surprised me with it last night as my Christmas present! It was originally published in 1973! And it was a fund raiser for Collegiate High School in Richmond, Va (where both my cousins went to school). HOT-DIGGITY DOG! I have THE STUFFED COUGAR in my possession!
This is my pick for the Month of January as my Book to Cook!!


  1. jessalyn says:

    thanks for popping over to my bloggy blog! i do love food (although i am starting a diet on jan 2nd, so may hate you for talking about delicious food some days…) and i love me some random- so it sounds like a perfect match!

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