Chicken Stir Fry

I am trying so hard to eat from the pantry/freezer, stop spending money on “to-go” food, conserve, reduse, re-use. I went to Trader Joe’s (one of my favorite places!) over the weekend and got some fun/new things for said pantry and freezer! I came home with Soyaki Sauce which I marinated some chicken with, broccoli slaw (love this stuff) put about 1 Tb on 1/2 bag. Just before tossong it with the chicken. Rice in the rice cooker and Veggie Egg Rolls (also from TJ’s) in the oven. Dinner in about 30mins for under $10. YIP-EEE

I cubed my chicken and put it a hot wok, tossed it so it would get a great sear on the meat (b/t 350-400) then turned it down to about 225 loosely covered and let it go (about 20 mins deending on the size of your cubed chicken, the smaller the quicker it will cook). I tossed in the broccoli slaw at the very end just to wilt it a bit. Served with steamed rice and the Veggie Egg Rolls. That I DO NOT reccomend, they are not that great. Can’t really pinpoint why just nothing I would buy again.

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