Is there a Secret or is it all Luck?

You may remember I was asking for wisdom from other Moms as to the Secret of Potty Training.
Read HERE  Is there a secret or is this all luck?

He went to his Pop-pop & Ka-ka’s house to spend the night on Friday. I told him before he left, actually kidding, that his Pop-pop (my Dad) said “if he would poo-poo in the potty so that Pop didn’t have to change a stinky diaper that he would buy him a new Truck”. IT WORKED!!! I mean really…
he came home with a new truck and did his buisness in the toliet!
Dang, Grandparents ALWAYS seem to get LUCKY!!

Today, he is wearing Big Boy underwear and is getting stickers for each trip to the potty. Glad tomo is a holiday and we can continue working!! Guess I need to head to the store for Pull-ups for pre-school. They will be excited. NOT!

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