Weekly Menu

Routine… Must get back into it! Uck, Jack & I have been home for almost all of the Christmas Break and I am so out of our routine that it might be hard to get going on Tuesday we he will head back to pre-school and I to work. I have a great week of meals planned and my soup is already on the stove making the house smell so yummy. It is 15 outside and I think Soup is just what we need! I will link recipes as I make them!

Souper Sunday~ Tomato/Corn Chowder
Tuesday~ Brunswick Stew
Wednesday~ Paprika Beef {Crockpot}
Thursday~ Spaghetti & Meatballs
Friday~ Pizza Night! NO COOKING!!


  1. Ms Bibi says:

    Yes, good old routine. I was so excited to see the boys waiting for the school bus this morning.

    I sort of planned my meals last night for most of the week. I made big pot of Cauliflower soup with garlic croutons for tonight.

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