What Jack’s Eating


URS is doing a great recipe swap this week called “LUNCH BOX LOVE”. Jack is 2 1/2 and he goes to pre-school and I try everyday to pack his lunch with love.


I can’t put cute notes is yet since he a a bit young to read but I do pack a healthy lunch with a few daily staples. He always has:

1. yo-yo (yogurt)

2. milk box (he loves choc milk and when he has lunch away this is a treat)

3. fresh fruit (he would live on fruit alone!)

Then I add either egg salad, pb&j, pimento cheese or some sort of sammie and a veggie (lima beans, peas, or carrots are a few of his favs).

It isn’t fancy but, it works. He likes it and I feel good about knowing that he is eating healthy fresh food. 

What do you have for lunch?



  1. Daffy says:

    My kiddo loves the fresh fruit and veggies too. For the longest time all she would eat was yogurt…now its cottage cheese.

    I NEVER eat the school lunch (I work in a school) and always bring my lunch. My staple is some sort of fresh fruit and I really like the portability and quickness of GreenGiant’s steamers. The portion size (the little box ones) is perfect and I get in my daily veggie needs with it.

    I love Jack’s lunchbox too!

  2. Heather says:

    Um, a piece of corn on the cob for me. ROFL It was good.

    My oldest 2 eat at school because I’m lazy. ROFL

    My youngest 2 eat whatever I feel like making for lunch. They got corn dogs with their corn today. That doesn’t sound very good does it? I’ll make them a healthy supper tonight. Promise.

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