Why do I write?

mixer love

I am obsessed with all things in my kitchen. Recipes, cuisinarts , stand-mixers, cloth napkins, spices, fresh vegetables, all of it. I am the girl who all my friends call for cooking questions, recipe ideas even baking! I love to share a quick trick or a new recipe. 

I am convinced that I can right any wrongs of the past by  “taking care” of my family. By making  homemade lollipops for my 2 yr olds preschool. By making every family member the perfect birthday cake. By packing his lunch with care. By not driving thru the drive-thru when that would be so much easier.

Life isn’t easy. Being married isn’t easy. Being a mom ain’t easy. I am thankful everyday for my husband and son. They are worth every effort I have in me and I will always choose them. And if the Road to Control for me is to critique every dish, to obsess over menu planning and how the keep a home in perfect order and still let him play and grow and most of all have fun then so be it! I am going to share it all with you!! 

This is how I show my love. How do you show the people in your life?



  1. Beth says:

    I hear exactly what you are saying and you have just validated my efforts last night to make Valentine’s cookies for Watts’ new schoolmates! I did it because that is my way of showing love and taking care of him. Thanks for the thoughts and reminding my why I should not be so tired today!

  2. Erin says:

    I love this idea, and you are too cute! I think I show a lot of love by cooking too, I just need to do more of it. I think once my kiddos are a little older it will be easier. I have tons of cookbooks and I do whip up some great stuff, just not consistently.

    Food is love, right?!!? (Could be why my ass is so big!)

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