Cake Decorating Class {Week 1}

So, I signed up with some girlfriends to take a Cake Decorating Class at Hobby Lobby. I am excited for several reasons; first of all, I am hoping  to learn some new techniques in decorating that is the goal of the class, right? Or, is it just a way for Wilton and Hobby Lobby  to sell me a bunch of gadgets I don’t need? (It was!!)  I took my tackle box of cake goodies with me! They do however want you to do a character cake for week 2!  I think I will be making a BUNNY cake (as I have a mold I bought last year and forgot about, oops). 
Next, a few hours out of the house to visit with other women will do me wonders!  Hubs says I don’t need the class since I am such an artist in other words,  he’d just rather have me home!
I have a lot to learn and maybe this will really help get my cupcake business off the ground!!  Go ME! I did learn that a lot of bakers use this massive tip that looks like something that John has on his work bench, to frost/ice cakes and supposedly makes them smooth. And…. drum roll please…. “They” (cake baker peeps)  have these silver straps that you can wrap around your cake pan and it will make you cake level, NO more freaking hump in the middle that you have to try and level off!!  I never get a level cake! Drives me nuts!! Hum? We shall see!

I look forward to showing you all my progress in the Wilton Cake Decorating Class!
Have any of you ever taken it?
Likes/dislikes, tips, tricks,  funny stories,


  1. Patricia says:

    I took the classes a few years back and loved them. I don’t know how your classes will run but the one I did was in 3 series with 6 classes per series.
    I did buy the tackle box… and the turntable…
    You can get tips a little cheaper at a restaurant supply store.
    Buy disposable bags… cleaning the reusable ones is a pain!
    Make the icing the way they tell you to and DO NOT STRAY… at least at first.
    Crumb coat is your friend
    Gel coloring will stain.
    Use toothpicks for the gel.
    Basketweave is so much fun!!
    Roses were my downfall!

    Oh I am sure there is more… can’t wait to hear and see your results

  2. CRAZYMOM says:

    I have always wanted to take one of those classes. When I was a teen, my friend’s mom was a cake baker/decorator. She used to take a big knife and level off the hump. Most days after school, we could eat warm wedding cake scraps off her counter. Such a great memory.

    Thanks for stopping by to see me!

  3. Danielle says:

    This is something that I really want to do but it keeps falling at the end of the priority list. 🙁
    Looking forward to hearing how your class goes…post some pics of your work!

  4. Erin says:

    I have always wanted to take a class like that, too. But along with a bazillion other things, it’s one I’ve tabled til the kids are older. Not enough hours in the day—but please post pics and tell us all about it!

  5. Alison says:

    Stopping by from SITS! Good Luck on your cake decorating class! I’ve never taken one…I learned by growing up with a mom and grandmother that decorated cakes. Then I use the Internet to learn new techniques.

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