Food Revolution {PSA}

JOFR-badgeLg Jamie Oliver’s FOOD REVOLUTION is premiering on Sunday at 10pm on ABC. PLEASE set the dvr and watch it with your family. Also GO HERE and sign Jamie’s petition.  I can not tell you how much I support this project! It is so IMPORTANT to teach our children to be healthy.  After watching FOOD INC I have been on a mission to try and help spread the word. I am so excited about what the can mean for everyone!

From Jamie: “The American FOOD REVOLUTION needs to start now! If you care about your country and the health of its children please help us make a difference. We need your support to get people back in touch with food and keep cooking skills alive before it’s too late. We want to make sure every kid gets good, fresh food at school. It’s proven that real food promotes more effective learning. If you want better health for your kids the junk food must go. I need to be able to show The President and industry how many of you out there really care about this issue so please don’t wait, sign up today. It will only take 30 seconds.”

SO, I am asking you what do you do to make a Healthier America for your family?


1. Planting my Garden

2. Shopping Locally (farmer’s mkts are a great source)

3. Buying ORGANIC even now at Wal Mart

4. Cooking fresh food for my family!

How about you?



  1. Yankee Girl says:

    Cooking good, healthy food is so important!

    I love my local farmers market. I visit it twice a week in the spring, summer and fall and get a ton of delicious foods!

  2. Megan Anne says:


    I’m here from the Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party.

    I loved the preview episode of Food Revolution (I always miss shows, so that was the only one I saw) and I hope that he’s able to make a difference. So many kids rely on school food for the majority of their meals, that they get most of their eating preferences from there as opposed to home.

    If you have a fast food-style breakfast and lunch, you’ll probably want the same for dinner.

    Even if the school administrators don’t learn from him, I’m sure the kids will.

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