Meal Planning

I am still on my diet and will be out of the house 3 nights this week so I am planning EASY meals that if need be Hubs can (possibly) prepare.

Monday~ Jambalaya
(Zatarain’s Rice mix w/ Turkey Smoked Sausage)
316 calories per 1 cup serving
{Featured Chef Tuesday~ Recipe to Follow}
(made about a month ago, froze the leftover stuffing!)
Thursday~ Sloppy Joe’s
Friday~ Hotdogs
I wanted to share with you guys something new that I am working on.
Whenever you see this
You will know that the recipe is HEALTHY, FLAVOR~FULL and UNDER 400 calories per serving! The weight loss plan that I am doing adds back dinner after Week 6 and it must be under 550 calories. I thought that it would be easier for me if I got a head start on planning recipes that would fit in this calorie range. I also wanted to try and keep the main component of the meal to be under 400 calories so that I could have a little room to play if I wanted to add a veggie or fresh salad greens. 
I hope you ENJOY and have a great week!!
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  1. Krista says:

    Freezing the stuffing is a good idea. Since I’m entering my busy gardening season, I’m trying to work on some meals that I can freeze in portions to make dinner just a little easier.

    You may try some “main dishes” that are more veggie oriented so you can get everything in one dish and still be under the calories.

    Good luck on the diet and Keep up the good work!

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