Meal Planning


Well, Mommy is sticking to her diet even though it has been the uckiest weekend EVER! Not only has it rained on & off all weekend long but, Jack got a stomach bug on Thursday a case of what Hubs refers to as the Texas Jack-knives. Then  Hubs came down with the same thing on Saturday and dang if Jack didn’t get sick again last night!


I can’t figure out if I am getting the BUG or just nauseous from cleaning it all up!

Did I completely just kill YOUR appetite? Because I sure don’t have one. I apologize.

This week I am again trying to cook from the freezer since my DIET requires me to not really eat I am trying to make it easier on myself by not cooking. ALL of these recipes freeze wonderfully which is such a bonus. It is WAY cheaper to make 2 of 1 thing then 2 different things. Therefore, I typically make enough of most meals to feed us twice! Saves Time & Money!!

Here’s what I’ve got COOKING this week:

Monday~ Mrs. B Shaker Chicken Noodle Soup

Tuesday~ Swedish Meatballs  (meatballs are frozen sauce is so quick & easy!!)

Wednesday~ Fiesta Chili

Thursday~ G’s Fav Lasagna

Friday~ Pizza Night

What do you have cooking this week?

Want to share a Recipe?

I’d LOVE to feature different readers each week as MY FEATURED CHEF TUESDAY!!

Leave me a comment and you can be next!



  1. Ed Wilson says:

    Why hello there Mama Bird!

    I just discovered your blog from the Lady Bloggers Tea Social.

    Don’t feel bad about cheating on your diet. I know everyone harps that it’s all about moderation, but it’s true. I think you can enjoy pizza and brownies as long as we don’t eat the whole pie or pan, lol!

    Honestly, I’m addicted to ice cream. Luckily, I’m broke so I can only fantasize about it, ha!

    I love your site design. The colors are a beautiful turquoise/sea green.

    -Ed Wilson

  2. julie says:

    Sound like a yummy menu! We’re having Broccoli, potato, cheese soup tonight with a salad and some homemade breadsticks. Just stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Teaparty. You have a great blog!

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