Happy Mother’s Day


August 15, 2007

The day my life totally changed.

I wanted to be a Mom since I was 5, that is when my sister was born, the family was all concerned that I would be jealous. Ha! I just told everyone she was mine! Motherhood is by far the best and the hardest thing I have ever done.  It is like a roller coaster just as you are plunging towards the bottom and about to rip your hair out, the tide will change and you will begin shooting up towards the stars! It really is the wildest ride I have ever been on and let me tell ya, I have had some adventures! This beats them all. MOTHERHOOD!

Here he is (center in the gator outfit) at the Mother’s Day program at pre-school.


He painted me a box that had the sweetest little poem

I wish I had a little red box

to put my mommy in

I’d take her out and kiss, kiss, kiss

and put her back again!


I hope you had a beautiful day!

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