How does your Garden grow?

Mine? Like wild fire! Here are some pics from yesterday.P1010106

P1010114 P1010109

P1010111 P1010112

I am so excited! We have some great lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes are turning RED! Herbs are doing great. Hot diggity dog SUMMER IS HERE!!!


  1. Krista says:

    I’m jealous, I just now have tiny green tomatoes on my cherry tomato plants. Your garden looks beautiful. My weeds are doing phenomenal..LOL

  2. Paula says:

    Your Veggies look wondeful! I have a huge herb garden, so fun to cook with items we grow ourselves, isn’t it?

    I am dropping by from the Lady Bloggers Society and so glad I had a chance to look at your post!

    Thanks again for sharing !

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