Have you ever…?

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This is my FIRST TIME participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and I must confess; I am SCARED.  Reaching way out on a limb here. Taking a chance, Holding my breathe and driving in!

This weeks writing assignment that I picked was to start each sentence with “Have you ever”

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Have you ever?

Have you ever cried until the tears ran dry?

Have you ever laughed until coke spewed out of your nose?

Have you ever been so afraid of becoming something  that you forget who you are?

Have you ever picked up the phone only to realize mid-dial that they aren’t going to answer?

Have you ever wondered what Heaven is like?

Have you ever acted so badly that you don’t know how to forgive yourself?

Have you ever stayed when you should have walked away?

Have you ever met an angel?

Have you ever tried to fit in a place you knew you never would?

Have you ever wished upon a star?

Have you ever forgiven yourself?

Have you ever said good-bye?

Have you ever watched someone die?

Have you ever wondered WHY?

xoxo, Mama Bird


  1. Leah says:

    Great job! I was able to answer yes to all of them but one. I have thankfully never watched anyone die.

    I participated in Mama Kat’s workshop today for the first time too! I was really nervous as well but I guess sometimes, you just gotta take the risk and put it out there and see what happens. Best of luck in your future posts and please do check out mine when you get the chance. : )

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