How to Train your Dragon {Birthday}

Happy 5th Birthday Fenn!
When my good friends told me that their son wanted to have a birthday party with theme of the new movie How to Train your Dragon I got super excited about the challenge of making a Dragon cake! I had so much fun making “Toothless”!  I thought the cupcakes turned out adorable as well.
P1010150 P1010149


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  1. Bird says:


    You are quite a cake decorator aren’t you!! 🙂

    I usually show amazing cakes at Bird Crafts, and yours totally qualify! 🙂

    I’m showing some tomorrow…have a look and if you want tto send me some good photos… 🙂

    Thanks for linkingg up this cool idea! Love your blog and am snooping around some more hehehe


  2. Erin says:

    I just love that dragon cake! We took my four year old to that movie and my husband and I actually really enjoyed it! (And of course he did too!) I know he would love this cake. Maybe I’ll get creative and do this for his birthday too. 🙂
    I love your blog! Thanks for coming to The Sisters Cafe!

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