VBS Snack Planning {High Seas Expedition}

I know it doesn’t shock you to hear that I am in charge of planning the snacks for VBS. Last year was my 1st year as the station leader for snacks and I loved it! You know how I love to plan menus and snacks and trying to keep it healthy and have the kids enjoy it is a huge bonus! This year we have 150 kids signed up and we start on Monday!! I will post some pics of our AMAZING Decor, truly our Ms Freida should be a set designer! I can not believe how great everything looks! INSPIRING!!

Our theme is High Seas Expedition and the ideas that they have are a lot better than in years past. I am taking some of their ideas and adding a few of mine to make snacks a hit! They like there to be a sweet & salty snack for each day.

Monday~ Peter’s Jail Mix

I made a snack mix last year that the kids adored.

Popcorn, chex mix, yogurt covered raisins, dried fruit and  m&m’s, cheese balls, and whatever else I find to add!

Tuesday~ Chip Wrecks

Tortilla Chips and carrots with salsa & ranch dip

yogurt sticks

Wednesday~Surf & Snakes

BLUE jello cups topped with cool whip & gummy snakes


Thursday~ Forgiveness Clouds

Vanilla cupcakes with fruit filling & marshmallow butter cream (homemade by me!)

Hummus & pretzels

Friday~Share Kabobs

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Kabobs




  1. PS says:

    Thank you so much for posting your VBS Snack Planning, this was so helpful. At my church I signed up to “help” with the Snack Planning, and found out I’m the Snack Planner.

    This was so helpful.

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