Big Boy Room {part 1: fabrics}

Jack is about to turn 3 and it is time that I update the current nursery to a big boy room. He is still sleeping  in his crib and I shutter to think how this transition is going to go! In my mind expect the worst and it can never actually be that bad, RIGHT? 

I have all sorts of ideas and have decided that I am going to start with the bedding and build around that. This is where you guys come in! I’d LOVE to know what you think and I am giving you some very different things to look at and consider. Hubs will be building his bed and my great friend and artist is going to help me paint a mural!!! I do want to do a room that will allow for growth, not something I am going to have to turn around and redo in 2 years.

My first thoughts on a room would incorporate the outdoors, maybe cabin chic?  With the mural I want to do trees, water, sky, very earthy/whimisical. 

Here are my top picks!!

#1 Ivy League madras plaid

bed ivy league

#2 Sageberry Creek Beach Plaid

 bed sageberry creek

#3 Blue Camo  (could get old?)

bed pe camo#4 Western Star

bed star#5 Fishy Fish (cute, may not grow as well)

bed fish#6 Urban plaid

bed urban   

I love/like them all and can vision a fantab room around all of these!!

What’s your fav, thoughts, ideas?

xoxo, Mama Bird

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