MY son….

We celebrated j’s 3rd Birthday a few weeks ago and I thought I would write about him. Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy!

jacks bday and skating 129

Jack {age 3}

You are so full of LIFE! You look at EVERYTHING as if it is the 1st time. There is a LIGHT in your eyes that I pray never, ever gets blown out. Your smile is contagious, your laughter lightens the mood in any room. You are so smart I am concerned, will be able to keep up? Your energy level is so HIGH that IF it could be bottled we’d be millionaires. You are so mischievous and stubborn and never give up. You are a dare devil and yet scared all at the same time. You will do AMAZING things. When you get bored you are DANGEROUS! You look so much like me when I was your age it is FREAKY! (and NO you don’t look like a girl!) and you ACT a lot like me too! You are my WILD CHILD!

I am so BLESSED to be your Mommy!


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