Percy Jackson Birthday Soiree

percy A good friend’s daughter is having a Birthday and she LOVES the Percy Jackson book series and especially is in LOVE with Greek Mythology. I am so excited to share ideas for this party! Fun and Different!!

Invite: Parchment Scroll written in purple, tied with a gold ribbon. (the Birthday Girl is making them!)

Decor: White, gold & BLUE

Games: Make a sign “Camp Half Blood” for some “Olympic” games

1. Capture the Flag

2. Scavenger Hunt

2. Trivia Game (also printed on parchment looking paper with medals for the winner)


1. Nature Walk at dusk, search for leaves to make Laurel Wreaths for each girl to wear a “crown”. This is the PERFECT time of year!!

Greek Menu: I get really excited about Greek Food!!


Greek Layer Dip w/ pita chips & carrot sticks

Strawberries  (the fav food of Camp Half Blood)

percy j cake

BLUE cake, cupcakes BLUE punch, BLUE cookies (blue is the color of food that Percy’s Mom makes him for special occasions!!) I used symbols from the book, the trident, a maze and a lightening bolt to make cupcake toppers and cake decoration.

percy j cc

xoxo, Mama Bird


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