The Cha-Cha {chocolate cake with Nutella buttercream}

cha cha
Our Birthday “Fairy Cha-Cha” celebrated her 4th birthday today amidst the backlash of the “Blizzard of Jan 2011”. The kids were so excited to be out of the house that they were WILD!! We had to let them run around outside just the wear off some energy! The star of this cake was the Nutella buttercream. Delish!!
Nutella Buttercream
1 stick softened butter
1 cup Nutella
1 t vanilla
milk (splash or two)
4 cups (apx) powdered sugar (may need more or less depending on humidity)
Mix butter, nutella & vanilla together, slowly adding 1/2 cup of sugar at a time to desired consistency; may need to add a little milk to get a smooth frosting.
xoxo, Mama Bird

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