Perfect Hamburgers


Typically I cook with ground turkey breast opposed to ground beef, but last Sunday was so beautiful that a cook-out was a must and a good old-fashioned burger was what I was craving! My burgers are good and they have a few secret ingredients that I will share with you!! The first is a splash of half & half, not that secret but, really adds something to the meat and the second is my fav bottled marinade EVER Thomas Marinade made right here in NC and the third is Richard’s seasoning another NC product it is a spice mix and can be found at The Fresh Market.

Here is my arsenal of ingredients: I don’t really measure just a few dashes of each a swirl around of Thomas’ and a splash of half & half.

And my cooking tip for the PERFECT burger is a charcoal grill. Gas will do in a pinch, if you are really tight on time. Stovetop will not do.

Mama Bird

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  1. adrienzgirl says:

    I’m sorry it’s taken me until now to get here. I had kids out of school, my son’s birthday and Easter dinner to contend with this past week(end).

    I have honestly never heard of adding half n’ half to burgers. Makes sense though, many add milk or cream to meatballs. I’m going in search of that marinade soon! Nothing I like better than a GREAT burger!

    Thanks for Sharing!!!

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