Shake It Up Café {VBS Snack ideas}

This is the 3rd or 4th year I have been in charge of the snacks for VBS and I am excited to say that Cokesbury  has done a really good job with their suggestions for the snacks. Last year I had a lot of questions about amounts, so this year I will give you an idea of how much we buy. We typically have around 100 kids.

I am trying to incorporate the daily theme, although we typically switch the days around a bit. Trail Mix is always a hit and it is best done on the 1st day (in my opinion)  Day 1 is always hectic and the ease of being able to dump all the bags into 1 big bowl is just perfect for that day

Harvest Trail Mix:
3 lg (costco-sam’s size bags) Chex Mix
3 bags pirate booty or cheddar popcorn
4 to 6 bags yogurt covered raisins
gummy worms (enough for each child to have 2 on their plate)
This is such a hit! You have the salty the sweet it’s yummy and the kids LOVE it!!
Flatbread Faces:
How cute is this idea? We will be doing pita bread or flatbread and the Shake It Up Café workers will spread cream cheese on the top of each round and we will have small cups of all the veggie and fruit toppings for the kids to create “faces”!
Toppings include, but not limited to:
shredded cheese
grape tomatoes
carrot curls
shredded lettuce


Festival Fruit Kabobs:
various melons
cheese cubes
I love kabobs!! We will serve them with yogurt sticks or crush cups on the side.

Jello Cups:
This too was a HUGE hit last year the kids thought they were the coolest thing. We just did jello in the cups, tossed in a few gummy worms. Let them set up and plop a dollop of cool whip. Place the clear cups on plates with goldfish & whales “swimming” around the outside. FUN!!

Pentecostal Pops:

Last and final day we always do popsicles. The kids love them, they are easy, quick to clean up and we meet them on the playground with the cool treat to enjoy!!
Do you have some creative ideas for VBS snacks? PLEASE SHARE!!


  1. Lucy Dellapenna says:

    Thank you for these ideas. Our church is doing Shake it up cafe this year. We are a small church, so we share programs with other churches. I am in charge of the snacks and the book for the snack leader is missing. The kids will have great snacks, even if I don’t have the lessons that go with them.
    Lucy Dellapenna
    Evart United Methodist Church

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