Summer Reading

Last night A few weeks ago (forgot to post this!!) some girls came over for a Stella & Dot Party and we started talking about books and how fun it would be to start a book club. I am compiling a list of books that I am hoping to read and asking everyone to add their suggestions. I hope that we can get a monthly book club started, maybe this fall?!

Room Emma Donoghue

just started this and a tish uncomfortable with the fact that her son’s name is jack. Hope this doesn’t freak me out!! You know I don’t like coincidences.

The Book Thief  Markus Zusak

hear this is a great book, no virtually NOTHING about it.

Sarah’s Key Tatiana de Rosnay

good friend Bethany highly recommended this last summer. still haven’t picked it up!

Lamb Christopher Moore

another great friend Joy gives this 2 thumbs up she says it is has great whit and charm

Pop on over for another list HERE



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