Perfectly Pink & Green {salmon}


My pops went by Dockside Seafood Market and called to tell me how amazing everything looked, so today I had to pop in and boy was he right! I love fresh seafood. Tonight I went with some beautiful organic salmon that was just perfectly pink!


I made a quick marinade of:

1 TB each:


soy sauce

spicy mustard

1 to 2 dashes of:

cinnamon & cumin

juice from 1 lemon

Sear salmon apx 7 mins on each side, depending on thickness. In a tish of olive oil.

While salmon is cooking zap or boil some baby peas (I am currently in love with the Green Giant simply steam) toss peas with a pat of butter and a splash of cream/ half & half/ milk whatever you have on hand and toss them in a blender or processor or mash and spoon over top of salmon. YUM

xoxo, Mama Bird

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