Salsa Showdown!!! {TV Debut!!!!}


OMG!!!! I am one excited girl!!! Mama Bird is making her television debut!!! The show Charlotte Today contacted me to be a part of their Salsa Showdown!! YIP=Eeeeeee!!
Remember the Salsa Party? I shared some of my favorite salsa recipes but my all time favorite is Carolina Salsa pictured above! It is always a hit and it is easy on the waist line as well!! PLEASE if you are in the Charlotte Metro area tune in or set your dvr and check me out!!

MONDAY @11am on WCNC/36
(Charter Cable 6 in Hky)
xoxo, Mama Bird


  1. Denise Stewart says:

    You go MamaBird! I feel like your sparkling personality could even beat your salsa. I hope I will be able to catch the feed later. Link it for me or on your page after the big event. Yahoo!!!!!

  2. Weaver's Whimsy says:

    It was so awesome to meet you today! Your salsa was every bit as good as mine but just in a different way. I’m gonna follow your blog now so I can see all your other yummy concoctions!
    🙂 Lori

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