Here it is…..

If you don’t live in the Charlotte metro area, don’t fret I am linking the Charlotte Today TV segment!! I have tasted celebrity and I LIKED it!! I am hoping I will be able to go back and do a cooking segment! How fun would that be? 
Loved everything about the tv aside from the fact that I looked like a stuffed pig and sounded like a hick! Oh well, it was so much fun!! Thanks to Colleen, Tanner and love me some Larry Sprinkle! He gave Hubs a whole metrology lesson!! I also got to meet Moria Quinn, she was what/who we watched every night on PM Magazine (does anyone else from the Clt area remember that show? Wasn’t Bob Lacey her co-host? The Bob of Bob & Sherry?)
I will share more later….
xoxox, Mama Bird


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