Planning… menus, schedules, LIFE

This Mom appears calm compared to the way I have been feeling. Overwhelmed. Whirlwind. Wild. You name it I am feeling it. I take on way more than I should. I do it to myself. I have no one but me to blame. Every now and again, one just needs to throw themselves there very own pity party. Ta Da- it’s time. 

Ok, I am done. Now onto this weeks wild and crazy adventures!!

Sunday- Teach Sunday School attend church, {this always makes me feel better and like I am getting a great start to the week} dinner in the crockpot, laundry and clean the upstairs. Pray to sneak in a 1 hr nap. Will never happen, but a girl can dream. Right?

Monday- Soccer practice for j – another crockpot or quick & easy dinner

Tuesday- Surprise Party I am baking the cupcakes! Hope to have leftovers from previous night for boys!

Wednesday- Working late. Freezer meal.

Thursday- fitting in Charlotte for j’s 1st modeling gig! Dinner in Cha-town. Something yummy!!

Friday- j’s well visit, boys hunting, mommy crashing

Saturday- Surprise Party (I’m baking) Night out with friends. Will be MUCH needed!!

WOW-weee. A tish tired just from reading it all. Now, you might wonder what am I going to feed my people.


Sunday- Pop’s Stew Beef

Monday- Spaghetti

Tuesday- leftovers

Wednesday- Chicken pie (from freezer!! made 2)

Thursday- dinner out

Friday- who knows!!

Have a great week!! Mama Bird

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