30 Days of Thankful {memories}

i am thankful

I wanted to do the 30 Days of Thankful for the month of November, unfortunately, I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t quit get to it in the beginning. SO, that being said I will just start NOW!!

Today I am THANKFUL for memories.

Memories leave impressions on your heart and in your soul that form who you are. I choose to always try and remember the best parts of people and what they have given to me.

I LOVE that I can be standing in Ross and the song Return of the Mack comes on and I instantly want to call BFF L to tell her “it’s ON” and them we reminisce about all the “crazy” things we did, who we were dating, where we were and what we wore!!!

I love that I can drive by the Golden arches on 127 and still see PD Fowler and all the cars parked in a circle trying to make our game plan for a Friday night. Where is the party? Who’s driving? Who will be there? Can you imagine the trouble we could have gotten into had we had cell phones???? OMG

I love that the smell of certain perfumes will always and forever remind me of certain friends.

Thank you God for all the wonderful memories and all the amazing friends that are attached to those memories. I am truly blessed.

xoxo. Mama Bird



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