Table {up cycling}

A friend was getting rid of a table that had been damaged and I quickly snatched it up!


First I took a hand sander to the whole thing. It took several times as there were some deep cuts in the top, down several layers of paint and into the wood.


Next, I painted the whole thing with this purple spray paint that I had in the garage (who knows what I originally bought it for?)


Then, I painted it with 2 coats of Antique White, leaving the drawer purple. I then took an old candle and rubbed all the edges, spindles, ridges, etc and went lightly over just those areas with the electric palm sander.


Total makeover was like $5. for the white spray paint, everything else I had on hand. I love how it turned out! I am now starting a 3 drawer side table to go on the other side of the bed!! I LOVE it!! ANd it only took me an afternoon to do it!! Spray paint dries so fast!!! LOVE

What do you think??

xoxo, Mama Bird

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