39 candles on my Birthday cake


I am so excited to have seen The Birthday Project on pintrest!! I have been really kinda blue about my birthday, which is odd as typically I try to milk it for the entire month!! This year I am doing something that I know will bring me joy and I hope that it will bring 40 others a little unexpected joy as well. No, I am not yet 40, but  as a kid I always had 1 extra candle to celebrate one to grow on!! Now. I say why not have that one extra to celebrate what is to come?!

39 Acts of Random Kindness to celebrate my 39th Birthday!!
Wednesday, March 7th which happens to bed the day of the week I was born!
I am going to see how far I can spread my birthday cheer!
Robyn, the creator of The Birthday Project had 300 people share the Acts they did!!
Will YOU share with me?
Have ideas on what I should do?
PLEASE leave a comment and come back to see my LIST!

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