4 weeks….

 Where has the time gone? It is APRIL, EASTER, SPRING. 4 weeks from now is Hubs and my VACATION. 5 weeks from now ANNIE Z’S WEDDING. 6 weeks from now BCB/APP GIRLS REUNION. What does my social calender have to do with anything? Well, it is cruch time!
How much can I de-puff in a month? According to a few 15 lbs is realistic and CAN HAPPEN!! I read a ton of articles and here is my cliff notes version of HOW to DO IT!! I mean do you want to know all the reasons, I don’t really care! I just want to DO it!!!

1. NO Added Sugar or Fat
2. No Soda or Sweets
3. Drink tons of water
4. EXERCISE, alot

Now my list of how I (and take this with a grain of salt, a wing and  a prayer and the fact that I will check in with my doctor, a real legit doctor the same one I would go to if I was to have chest pains, not a “fat doctor”!)

1. Drink protein shakes:
M-Th for all meals
Fri- brekfast & lunch
Sat & Sun- breakfast only
2. Drink TONS of water
3. NO COKE ZERO (this will be hardest for me!)
4. ZUMBA at least once a week (it is so bad for my knee but, i enjoy it more than any other form of exercise!) Walk, skip, hop anything to move as much as physically possible.

I will weigh in on Monday and every Monday for the next 6 weeks. Just maybe it will happen and I will be able to get a great, frame worthy pic of me & hubs on vaca, the HHS Girls at Annie’s Wedding and my college girls. How great would that be?

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