Cause 6000

We are in full planning mode for this years Vacation Bible School! This years theme is Operation Overboard “Dare to GO DEEP with GOD!”.
Last night we had our first planning meeting and to go along with our “water” theme I am so excited to say that I shared my idea for our mission, CAUSE 6000. My dear friend, Deanna Bell’s daughter, Liz and her best friends, Ashley Stinson and Kayla Sutton started CAUSE 6000. Cause 6000 is a non profit to help the people of Guana have clean drinking water. After attending the DO GOOD experience in Atlanta, Ga in the summer of 2010 they left feeling empowered to DO GOOD!! I would say that having a goal that summer to raise $5,000 to build a well was doing good!! Now almost 2 years later these 3 girls along with lots of support from Christ Church in Hickory, NC  they have rasied $70,000 and built 12 wells. HOW AMAZING!!!! Kayla has just finished her freshman year of college, Ashley is heading to UNC-C and Liz to CAROLINA this fall, even with having all these big changes in their lives they are heading to Africa the end of June. Words can not express how proud I am to know these girls. I pray everyday that my child will make a difference in the life of others, what a fine example these girls are!!

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