VBS ~ Snack Ideas {Operation Overboad}

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This year I am co-directing VBS but of course I still have to give my two cents on what will be on the menu for SNACKS!! Cokesbury has some good suggestions, but I always try and do fun things that the kids will enjoy, so here goes:

Day 1: Since I have been doing snacks we always do a quick/easy SNACK MIX  that the kids always LOVE… with our water theme I was thinking that this year we would use goldfish, swedish fish, oyster crackers, crasins, gummy worms, m&m’s  and chex mix

Day 2:  Jello Aquariums {blue jello with gummy worms, fish etc in the jello, goldfish swimming around}

Day 3 :  Kid Sushi  {roll ups}

Day 4:  Design a Fish!! (this is my favorite idea, yet!! take Peppridge Farm Goldfish bread and spread low fat cream cheese, give the kids a platter of veggies and fruit and let them design their own fish! Each table picks a winner and then the each get a little prize!)

Day 5: popsicles (water day!!!)

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