Mema’s Pickles {step by step}

My Memama (mom’s mother) used to have shelves and shelves of canned goods in her basement for as long as I can remember, her bread and butter pickles were among my favs! Now that I have cucumbers coming out of my eyeballs I thought I would share her pickles. They rock!!

Mema’s Bread & Butter Pickles
Step1: slices oodles of cucumbers and place in large colondar, between every couple of layers of cucumbers  sprinkle with canning salt and diced onions; top with ice cubes and place in fridge overnight
Step 2: prepare jars okay, so I am a modern canner and have read all sorts of ideas out there and I place all my jars on a cookie sheet, place in a cold oven turn on; set 350. Once the oven comes to temp allow to “cook” 20 mins turn oven off  leave in warm oven until you are ready to pack cucumbers
Step 3: make brine* bring to boil, add cucumbers and bring back up to a low boil
Step 4: fill jars with the cucumber goodness; I prefer to add all the cucumbers, then pour the brine over top
Step 5: after filling wipe around top of jars with a damp towel then place lids on jars, loosely screw on rings and allow to cool on counter and wait for that “pop” sound and you will know they are sealed!
5 cups of sugar
5 cups apple cider vinegar
2 teaspoons tumeric
1 teaspoon cloves
2 tablespoons mustard seeds
2 teaspoons celery seed
I store my pickles in the door of my extra fridge, in the pantry, anywhere I can find space!! I like to allow them to set or settle for at least a week prior to eating. When we open a jar we tend to polish off the entire jar at one meal! Cut up another cucumber and toss in remaining liquid, toss in fridge and enjoy another quick & easy batch of pickles!

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