Tomato Jam

OMG this stuff is like a little dash of heaven, wrapped up in a beautiful glass jar! It is a savory jam that makes a gorgeous addition to a cheese plate!  Here are a few I found around the net that were among my INSPIRATION!!  About 3 summers ago I first tried canning andI found White on Rice Couple and they’re versions of  Tomato Jam truly were awesome!!  The following recipe is the only one I tried but I am SO EXCIED to try the others and I think today is the day!!

Tomato Thyme Jam
1 lb tomatoes
1/2 c brown sugar
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
3 tsp balsamic vinegar
1/2 lime, squeezed
1 Tb fresh thyme
Place all ing in a non-stick pot and bring to a boil reduce down to a simmer and let go for about a hour. It will thicken. I had enough to taste yum-eeeee and to fill to small jelly jars. I think this will be a wonderful addition to my Holiday Food Baskets!!

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