Ode to the Tooth Fairy


It finally came out! After almost an entire week of wiggling that tooth it was finally loose enough and mercy, I had to PULL IT! Gag. Nasty.I don’t do teeth or blood. UCK! His daddy was at the Panthers Game and I was afraid he may swallow it if I didn’t get it out. So I grabbed it and my oh my he was so proud! I almost puked, but like all good Moms I sucked it up took a deep breath and jumped up and down and congratulated him on another FIRST!

Then on to the fun part! Let me set the scene; It is after 8pm, I am home alone and he begins telling me what the Tooth Fairy brings! Gold coins!!! Well, I didn’t have any. Jack is sleeping I pop on FB to ask what up with the Tooth Fairy these days and boy did I have to improvise! Everyone was suggesting going to the bank to get gold coins or silver dollars, were the missing the point that the TOOTH WAS OUT, IT”’S NOW 9pm?! One friend (who doesn’t have kids, actually suggested telling him the Tooth Fairy was busy and would catch him the next night! Really? Are you serious? Have you seen the look of true disappointment on a child’s face? I am guessing not as this will break your heart. Now, maybe come like missing tooth #6 I might be able to the she’ll catch you tomorrow and double down but, NOT the FIRST missing tooth!!  So, I get to thinking, gold… money… and thank goodness I had a single $10 bill. It was the only cash I had!

I found spray adhesive and cake glitter! Yep, you read that right cake glitter, and got to work!

fairy money 

Fairy Money

TF letter

Luckily, I am already planning for the the next teeth! Monday I am hitting up the bank. a $2 bill (to go w/ the 2nd tooth that is about to fallout too and a roll of silver dollars or gold coins to have on hand for all the rest of the teeth!! Must do asap. Who knew these little buggers starting falling out so early? I thought I was like in the 1st or 2nd grade? Who knows.

twinkle tooth

What a MAGICAL moment!

I cannot even figure out how to put into words what an adventure life is with this guy. He is the light of my life. Watching him. Living through all these FIRSTS is just incredible. It’s like as a child the memories fade a little but, having a child seems to breathe new like into your own memories. I mean, really I don’t think until this week have the thoughts of losing teeth, Tooth Fairy, pink floral pillow (I was supposed to put my tooth in),has even crossed my mind. But, now I remember my Dad trying to tell me that he was going to tie my tooth and slam a door! Archaic!! Now the cool thing is to tie the string to a nerf bullet and shoot it out!!!!!!!!11 Yep, we watched oodles of kids who did it! I am so blessed.

xoxo, Mama Bird

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