Gluten & Dairy FREE

Adios, see-ya, uh BYE BYE gluten and dairy.

Yep, I have lost my mind, I am a nervous wreck, but I gotta do it.  I have wanted to for a long time and I have finally decided that life ain’t getting any easier. If you are going to do something, JUST DO IT!

My family and I are starting a 21 day gluten and dairy free life. I am going to do a daily update for a few reasons. 1. I have to shout it to the world what I am doing so that I will ACTUALLY DO IT! 2. Everyone wants to know IF it can be done 3. I can’t wait to see how I am feeling and looking. 

What I think will happen after 21 days.

I think I will:

have lost 15 lbs

no allergies

stomach issues

sleep better

feel happier

I think Jack will:

be calmer

listen better

eliminate allergies

& stomach issues

I am SO EXCITED to see how this journey goes!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

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