Mad about Plaid {Preppy Lifestyle!}

OMG when I think of the word PLAID

I think of so many words. So many memories. So much!!

I think about the PREPPY HANDBOOK, one of my all time favorite go to guides that I think I have read cover to cover a zillion times.  Needless to say in the 80’s I was OBSESSED with PREPPY!!

Plaid makes me think of Tailgating,Fall, Crab Boils, Pearls, crew neck monogrammed sweaters, little dogs.

Did you have one of these?

I did! and it was MONOGRAMMED!! I had all sorts of covers to change it out!

Tretorn  the go to sneaker for preps

The original Top Sider,Boat shoes perfect for all!


Pink & Green



obessed with this! Find it here on ETSY

and pray to find it in my stocking!!


Nicknames like Kip. Biff. Sisi, Kiki, KAT!

Preppy is a lifestyle. Plaid just warms my heart.

Yes, I am that mom! I dress my son in polo (style, not brand) shirts and plaid shorts finished off with sperry or rainbow flip flops. I have a many of his things monogramed as possible and yes I hate sport themed anything as well as character crap. GAG. 

Do you embrace a certain style? What is it? Where was it inspired?

xoxo, Mama Bird

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