Chip Beef Gravy

Somehow the girls and I started talking about chip beef on toast. How? no idea  Why? no clue but it had been years since any of us had eaten it! B swears it is hard to make and takes forever to prepare. L says her MIL makes it so well that she has never had the desire to make it. I shared that my Dad made it on cool winter nights when nothing else was in the house! So I made this little gem for my people the other night and they gobbled it up! It is SO EASY and really can’t be messed up. It is just gravy with this salty, cured meat tossed in and plopped on toast. There is something very comfortable about this dish. ENJOY!!

Chip Beef Gravy

4 T butter
4 T flour
2 c milk
splash of sherry
splash of Worchestershire Sauce
lots of black pepper
tiny dash of nutmeg
1 jar dried beef

Before you start cooking, open jar of beef and fill jar with water.Allow the chip beef to soak in the water while you are preparing the gravy. I KNOW!! You arethinking this chick is nuts, I am, but not when it comes to cooking!! Soaking this insanely salty meat really makes it so much better, is is so salty if you don’t that you will start sweeling beforeyou even finish dinner! OK so now let’s get to cooking!!
In a nonstick sauce pan melt butter, slowly whisk in flour, tablespoon at a time. Meanwhile warm milk in microwave 1.5 min (milk doesn’t have to be hot, but warm milk will keep gravu from lumping!!) Add milk and whisk a little at a time to keep smooth. After all milk is added do a splash of sherry & Worchestershire sauce this really adds a depth of flavor to the gravy. Cut beef over pot ( I use scissors!)  and mix well. Pour gravy over toast or bisquits, if you prefer.


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