Onion Tomato Tart

tomato onion tart

Freaking Amazing!

This is a dish that will let your guest know just how much you appreciate them! It looks beautiful, tastes amazing, is so super fresh & yummy & comforting & just dang delish! You could serve it with anything! It is also so easy to make. Now, you can make your own pie crust, however that is just too time consuming for me- You can also use a freezer crust from the store or they have great ones in the cold section at the grocery. You decide how fancy you want to be!

Tomato Onion Pesto Tart

TIP: Do not use a deep-dish crust go with the standard shallow version.
3 sweet onions (I prefer Vidalia), sliced thin (trust me you need this many, they cook way down)
3 T olive oil
1 T  sea salt

1 T balsamic vinegar
Swiss Cheese or any mix of cheese you like, shredded
Apx 1 pint Cherry or grape Tomatoes, cut in half

1-2 T Perfect Pesto

Swirl olive oil in pan, add onions & cook on med/high for 5-10 mins until they start to get some color then reduce heat to med/low and continue to soften & caramelize for another 15-20mins then add balsamic and cook 5 more mins.  Put apx 2 tablespoons Perfect Pesto in bottom of pre-cooked pie shell, layer with onions,  cheese then cherry tomatoes. Cook for 12 mins on 350 and SIMPLY ENJOY!!!

xoxo, Bird

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