DINNER, what does it mean to you?


Dinner, what does that word do to you? What are the first thoughts you have? Fond memories or something all together different? Our family dinner is around a table that my Pop made for Mimi and my dad to eat around (my dad is 68 so it’s at least 70 yrs old!!) Yes, I have painted it and recovered the chairs umpteen times, made it my own but, none the less it screams history. For the 1st 10 years of my life I ate Sunday lunch around that table almost every week. It warms my heart to sit with my family and discuss the days events!

I stumbled upon Dinner, A Love Story and I am IN LOVE with Jenny, her meal diary, her story telling and recipe sharing. She and I, yep thick as thieves, we would be, if we actually knew each other! Jenny shares my philosophy about the family table, the dinner table. 

I spread  my love for my family and friends by cooking for them and I have always made dinner a priority. It will always be. I vow that no matter what sports, job, extra circulars dinner will be at the table with the family at least  most nights! (there is only 3 of us, we can do it, right?)

Do you need help with the family dinner? Do you not have the time or the resources to make it happen? I can help! Really, I can. I can help you with menu planning and grocery shopping to BRING BACK the FAMILY DINNER! I can even cook for your family for so much less expensive and so much healthier than take out or drive thru every night!!

Share this post with your family, your friends, tell me what you think? What does DINNER mean to you?

xoxo, bird

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