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My  friend, Jill  who is obsessed, literally with this multi layer cake! The irony is Jill is the tiniest, healthiest person I know and I kind of crack up that she will sit and gorge on this cake a few times a year!

Now upon researching the cake I have discovered that she is not the only one with the multi layer cake obsession. There is a NY Times article devoted to the cake. There are pintrest boards talking about how to make the cake; weather to cool the layers or not, warm frosting? Whoever thunk? I have vaguely heard about baking each individual layer to produce what looks like pancakes, the thinner the better, never had I tried it until today!

I am challenging myself to replicate this cake for her. And here are a few recipes that I found for inspiration!

Lana’s Baking has a great step by step recipe and really shares the history and theory on the cake! I love this! It’s like reading your grandma’s recipe book!

Bakerella, the baking goddess and go to for knowledge uses the Smith Family Layer Cake Recipe and this is the recipe I used for the cake.


Here we go!

What I did:

For the cake I used the Smith Family Layer Cake Recipe 

I placed apx 2/3 cup of batter in each cake pan and I have 4 8” cake pans. Wiping out and spraying with Baker’s Joy between each layer. Baked on 375 for 12-15 mins. Slighly cooled the layers, not really, kinda and poured about 1/2 cup of the chocolate sauce between each layer and watched as it dripped! Mine ended up making 11 layers I would have had 12, could have had 13 but one layer stuck and one layer was a little thick! Nest time I am going for 13!!

Chocolate sauce:

3 cups sugar

1 stick butter

4 oz good quality chocolate

5 oz evaporated milk

4 oz strong coffee

1 T vanilla

Heat everything until chocolate is melted and velvety smooth.

* Cooks note: START with the chocolate sauce. Make it first, remove from heat and pour in a separate dish and allow to cool. You can place in fridge, it will thicken as it cools.

It really is amazing, it is so moist, like the tiny layers of cake just suck up the chocolate goodness and make you want to dive in and eat the entire cake! YUM-O!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

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