Food on the Fly {MENU}


Freezer cooking is all the rage! Spend 2-3 hours with me and some friends and stock your freezer full of wonderful family friendly, foodie & kid approved meals. NO FILLERS


Just REAL food.


Email to set your date and plan your menu!!


Breakfast Burritos these are amazing!! Individually wrapped for a super easy grab & go breakfast packed with protein and your favorite ingredients!


Stuffed Shells:(f) ground turkey, spinach, herbed ricotta cheese topped with marinara

Baked Spaghetti:(f) this old school fav is a major crowd pleaser

Lasagna Rollups: (f, veg) herbed ricotta, fresh spianch, ovendried tomatoes topped with a pink vodka sauce

Lasagna: (f) choose from white chicken lasagna, traditional or all veggie

Lackey’s Ragu: (f, cp)  Kipper’s delish Italian sausage, white bean & spinach ragu ROCKS!


taquitos: (f) think about a chicken wing roll up! chicken, mild buffalo sauce, blue cheese crispy flour or corn shell (your choice)

burritos: (f, cp) choose from honey lime or sweet salsa both come with tortillas corn or flour and toppings

Ranchero Pork:(f, cp)  pulled pork Enchilada style with tortillas & toppings

King Ranch Chicken:(f) another old school fav

Taco Casserole:(f)  ground turkey, black beans, salsa make this layered taco bake yum-o


Italian Drip Beef (f, cp)

Pop’s Stew Beef (f, cp)

Dad’s best Meatloaf (f)

Maple Mustard Flank Steak (f)

Beer & bbq Flank Steak  (f)

Old School Country Fried Steak (f, cp)


Harvest Pork Loin (CP, F) diced apples, sweet potatoes,onion & pork

Franny’s Fav sherry & cinnamon loin (f)

Dad’s Pulled Pork (f, cp)

Mama’s Marinade (f)

Pepper Jelly Chops (f)

Cuban Pulled Pork with mango salsa (f, cp)


Mediterranean Chicken: (CP, F) chicken, butternut squash, garbanzo beans veg packed meal serve with cous cous and you have a perfect meal.

Greek Chicken: marniated & grilled chicken served with greek salad, pita & hummus

Mimi’s Chicken Pie (F)

Fuddy’s Cuban Chicken: one dish meal with cuban yellow rice, chicken, peas & green olives

Blushing Chicken: (f, cp) raspberry white wine sauce

Chicken Marbella the classic from Silver Palette

Tori Darlins’ Hot Chicken Salad (f) served with wild rice & peas

Soups/Stews & Chilis~ all perfect for the freezer & crock pot

White Chicken Chili

Fiesta Chili

Michelle’s Pumpkin Chili

Mema’s Potato/Tomato soup

Chicken tortilla

Italian Chicken Noodle

Potato Soup

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