Menu Monday

It’s really  that time again and I am going to share my weekly plan. And hope to give you some ideas to make your week go by smoother.  I am really into cooking one full day prepping for the week and now that I am feeding 6 other families 2 nights a week!! Yes, you read that right 24 EXTRA meals! Here is how I am planning my week!

Monday- Spaghetti dinner fundraiser @ school, Family Night & soccer (so glad someone is cooking for me!!)


Tuesday – Lackey’s Ragu (x6) this is a YUMMY dish!!

Wednesday- Dinner @church (again, what a blessing to be able to get dinner cooked for us!)


Thursday- Mama’s Meatloaf  (x5) it’s a love it or hate it thing, meatloaf but, this recipe is a winner and cooking it on the broiler pan is the key!

Friday- out

Saturday- App State Homecoming, Tailgate!! (recipes coming!)

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