Blessings of Thanksgiving

Prior to tomorrows chaos dashing from store to store looking for one thing! 
Decorating the table, cleaning house and my other rants.

I wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving. Full of peace, healthy and happy family and friends, full bellies and warm hearts. love- kat

and from a dear soul who left this world too soon, my lovely kind hearted,  skinny haired friend, (mother, grandmother, sister, wife) Sandra. This is a blessing that she kept written in her family bible and read each time her family and friends gathered. I just love it.

“Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for the food before us, the roof above us, and for this family. Help us remember that a family is for growing up in, for going away from and for coming back to. It is for loving concern, for helping each other through happy times and sad. With Your blessing, this family will always be together in our hearts and in our memories, giving each of us the strength to live our own lives and to be our own persons. Amen.” 

xoxo, mama bird


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