Gobble till ya Wobble {Thanksgiving Menu}


I say this every year, but seriously HOW IN THE WORLD is THANKSGIVING in 2 1/2 WEEKS??? Really? How? How fast can the time fly by?  THANKSGIVING is upon us!! 

You ask WHAT in the world am I planning on serving? Well, I have a list of traditional favs that I have put my own little twist on to make perfect and  I am sharing all my yummies today. 

Christams 028

No Thanksgiving is complete without and AMAZING Bird. Thanks to Aunt Jan, who made the rub for the first ever fried turkey I had that I am sharing the TOM TERRIFIC TURKEY RUB it is sure to be a HIT!
And last year I did a BRINE and OMG it was insane! So moist and yummy!!

Cranberry Orange Pineapple Salad is to DIE for and everyone, even Hubs who claims to hate any sort of gelatin loves this!!

Birdie’s Best Ever Dressing really is the BEST EVER! I worked on this recipe for about 5 years and it is PERFECT!!

Sweet Potato Soufflé another FANTAB side that can’t be passed up!!  It really isn’t the same ole sweet potatoes

Brussels Sprouts, I know everyone turns up their noses but, they are DELISH!!! Follow these easy steps and even your picky bro-in-law will gobble them up!!

Mama B’s Salad  roasted sweet potato, greens, cheese, you can not go wrong!!

What are you serving this year for Thanksgiving?
xoxo. Mama Bird

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