Corned Beef {crockpot}


Another first as far as food goes,  I made Corned Beef (definitely not my favorite thing, thou I do love a good Reuben!) But, again I am trying dishes that Hubs  adores. SO here is a super simple recipe that I personally think can never cook long enough, I cooked it forever!  It’s up to you; I wanted it to fall apart. It turned out really well and will definitely cook it in March for St. Patty’s Day!! SO, here is what you need to do! Place the

Corned Beef, straight from the packet with seasoning & the fat side UP!

1 beer or more  ( I used a New Castle) you want to just cover the meat in liquid ( you can use water to make up the difference)

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 T whole grain mustard

4 sprigs fresh thyme

2 stalks celery, cut in chunks

3 carrots, cut in large chunks

1 onion, quartered

4-6 small red potatoes

I placed the meat on the bottom, added beer, spices, mustard then veggies. Cooked on low forever! Like 12 hours.


Mama Bird

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